Special Discussion on Cuba and Northern Uganda in Fresno, California


FEBRUARY 28, 4 – 7:30 PM


2231 W. Dakota Ave, Fresno  (just west of Hughes)

Things are happening fast between Cuba and the US – now’s a good chance to find out what’s happening, what isn’t happening, and to ask your questions.

Former National Coordinator of  IFCO Pastors for Peace John Waller will be in Fresno February 28 talking about US – Cuba relations, the blockade, and efforts to break and end the US blockade and travel ban of Cuba.

Recent participants in the Pastors for Peace Caravan, a civil disobedience direct defiance of the blockade and travel ban, and other travelers to Cuba will tell and show their views & experiences.

Kyla Mitchell will present information and show us some of her work in Uganda, including work with the NGO Aid Africa, helping build a sustainable future for people in post-war Northern Uganda, and Lance Omeje will speak on his experiences growing up in Uganda.  Beads that benefit 2 Ugandan families will be for sale.

Potluck after the speakers – Cuban and Ugandan food will be served!

Please bring extra food to share with Eco-Garden residents.

For information, contact Leni V. Reeves at lenivreeves@gmail.com or 559 855-4511



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