Update from Dr. Joana Souers in Liberia: Physician of conscience and consciousness

Update from Dr. Joanna Souers from Liberia!

I made it safely to Cooper Hospital. All of the donations made it as well and are already being put to good use. Today we had to transfer some patients and tomorrow I will be working in triage and outpatient care.

This is a great big hug and thank you to all those who made donations to Cooper Adventist Hospital in Monrovia, Liberia. The positive response has been so thoughtful and encouraging. I really appreciate how much everyone has gone out of their way to send supplies and donations for the hospital. The onsite physician commented on the list of donations saying, “Wow, that is a great list!” We are just truly overwhelmed with joy in the amount of effort and support from everyone involved! I know the donations are all needed and will be well used serving the people of Liberia in this time of great need.

Hugs to everyone at IFCO!



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