In early July it came to IFCO’s attention that the ECFMG (the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates) announced that the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), an arm of the US Treasury Department imposed restrictions on ECFMG’s ability to interact with entities in Cuba. This situation could negatively impact ELAM students and graduates that are applying for ECFMG certification for acceptance into residency or fellowship programs.
It is important that all ELAM students and graduates, as well as our network, know that we are aware of this situation and have reached out to members of Congress that have historically supported the ELAM program and have served as strong advocates for ELAM students and graduates.
We at IFCO are distressed by this recent turn of events that can only be seen as a contradiction as the US government claims to favor improved relations with Cuba.
As the entity responsible for facilitating the scholarship program for US students, IFCO played a vital role in ensuring that ELAM was recognized by ECFMG and is committed to working to resolve this matter. We will keep you informed of any new developments.
Gail Walker
IFCO Executive Director
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