Pope Francis and Grassroots Organizers — IFCO helps draft the Letter of Santa Cruz

Pope Francis convenes the Second World Summit of Popular Movements IFCO is there, too


In Bolivia this week, Manolo de los Santos, IFCO staff member and seminarian at the Protestant Seminary in Matanzas Cuba, helped draft the Letter of Santa Cruz, the report of the Second World Summit of Popular Movements.

Since most of the US media ignored this meeting of over 2,000 grassroots organizers, please read Manolo’s comments about the meeting, and the English translation of the Letter responding to the Pope’s fiery almost hour long speech.a48e2c4c-849c-43ce-96af-5cc3753e81ca.jpg

Manolo comments that many are calling this letter “the new 10 commandments of the movements”

In gratitude for your partnership in the work, we here at IFCO want to share with you Pope Francis’s blessing:

“You are laying the seeds of change. May God give you courage, joy and perseverance to continue. I am certain that we will see the fruits.”

And more photos from the event:





Read the first entry of Manolo’s journal of his experience (further entries will be posted on our website.)

The Associated Press story on the Pope’s visit included a mention of this Summit. To quote: “Later in the day, Francis was to meet with priests and seminarians and attend the Second World Summit of “popular movements,” a collection of non-governmental organizations representing street sellers, fishermen, farmers and “cartoneros,” who sift through garbage looking for recyclable goods. His keynote speech was expected to be one of the highlights of the trip, outlining his core priorities about the need for a radical change in the world’s economic order to alleviate poverty, injustice and environmental destruction.
“When Francis headlined the first such summit at the Vatican last October, he issued a remarkable, off-the-cuff monologue on the injustice of unemployment, the scandal of poverty and the man’s obligation to care for the Earth.

“Pope Francis waves from his popemobile as he arrives to celebrate Mass at Christ the Redeemer square …”Terra, Techo, Trabajo,” was his mantra then. “Land, Roof, Work.”

“When I talk about this, some people think the pope is a communist,” he told the Vatican gathering. “They don’t realize that love for the poor is at the center of the Gospel.”

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