New Voices join Actions against the Blockade in DC

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IFCO/Pastors for Peacea661f0de-96cc-4473-ab37-d33186736ba1.png An Interfaith organization to assist oppressed

peoples in their struggles for justice and self-determination.

If you can’t come to DC, you can still make a difference. Make a donation today.


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▀ Attorney Martin Garbus adds his voice to ending the blockade on Cuba.

▀ Rafael Cancel Miranda to speak on the struggle to free Oscar Lopez Rivera at the September 18 Conference.

▀ World-wide events to coincide with Days of Action Against the Blockade.

Martin Garbus sends statement to the organizers of the actions in DC.

afcad046-31ce-4240-adeb-255db33a5c73.jpg“The people’s of Cuba and of the United States will have their lives immeasurably enriched when the embargo is finally lifted. That should happen now. That ending will honor the very brave people on both sides, including the CUBAN FIVE , who gave so much of their lives for the better days to come.”

Martin Garbus
Attorney for the Cuban Five

Puerto Rico fighter for independence, Rafael Cancel Miranda will address the case of Oscar López Rivera and the world-wide struggle for his freedom.

274c7b86-db52-49fb-95ff-04a1aa9b76c6.jpg On Friday September 18 one of the workshops entitled, “The Struggle to Free Oscar López Rivera and Latin America under Attack”, will count with the presence of the legendary fighter for the independence of Puerto Rico, Rafael Cancel Miranda.
The workshop will highlight the case of Oscar López Rivera, a Puerto Rico political prisoner held in U.S. prison for more than 30 years. Cancel Miranda is a key figure of the Puerto Rico independence movement and a leading voice for the return of Oscar López. He spent 25 years in U.S. prison. Along with Rafael will be Oscar López ‘s Attorney Jan Susler who will explain the legal aspect of this important case. Other panelists will address the contributions of Cuba in Latin America and the continuing struggle in the region for independence.

On October 4, 2014, the Governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro García Padilla and Congressman Luis Gutierrez paid a visit to Oscar López Rivera.

After their visits, Mr. García Padilla wrote an article that among other things stated: “Oscar López Rivera has been in prison for 33 years. He hasn’t been accused of committing any violent act. He hasn’t been connected to any violent act. He was accused of conspiring. The line that divides “conspiring” from “thinking” is very fine. I don’t think Oscar would be a danger for the future of our country, of our community, or of our family. His sentence, far too excessive, violates the most elemental principles of humanity, sensitivity and justice. Oscar López Rivera owes no debt to society, and if he ever did, he paid it a long time ago. He hasn’t done us any harm.”

The conference will take place at
Calvary Baptist Church, 755 Eighth Street NW in Washington DC.

Registration will be from 8:30 – 9:30.

To pre-register for the conference complete the following form.

U.S. and World-Wide Events
Coinciding with the Days of Action Against the Blockade in Washington D.C., solidarity organizations will be holding events around the world, including Miami and Maine in the U.S. and Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Sweden and Russia abroad.

If you are planing an event let us know by writing to:

Help to spread the word about the Days of Action Against the Blockade by uploading the following video on your Facebook page

Help to spread the word about the Days of Actions Against the Blockade through Social Media by using the following flyer
c57c1b97-ce19-4bbb-bcbf-dc7032b8b2c3.jpgGet on the Bus: Don’t Miss the Days of Action Against the Blockade

Be a part of this growing solidarity movement and travel with us to DC to participate in an all day conference The U.S. Blockade Against Cuba: Why It’s Wrong and What We Need To Do To End It on September 18th.

The Caravan Bus will depart New York City on Thursday September 17th and return September 19th.

$20 contribution to cover cost of transportation

For more information on how to reserve a seat contact IFCO/Pastors for Peace at: daysofaction


Email: info or
Instagram: @ceseelbloqueo
Twitter: @thecuban5
Facebook: Days of Action Against the Blockade

What if I Can’t Make it to Washington?

If you can’t be in Washington DC, you are encouraged to organize events in your home city from September 16 -18.

Here is how you can play an important role:

  • Endorse the September Days Against the Blockade
  • Call and write to your Representative and Senators
  • Visit your members of Congress at their district offices. Find your Senators state office here. Find your Representatives district office here.
  • Help spread the word about the DC activities via social media and email.
  • If you were on the 2015 Caravan, organize a report-back in your community September 16-18.

Visit the Facebook page here and help to spread the word about the DC activities.

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The activities in Washington DC are being organized by:
IFCO/Pastors for Peace, the International Committee for Peace, Justice and Dignity for the Peoples, the Institute for Policy Studies (IPS) and have been endorsed by the National Network on Cuba (NNOC), the Venceremos Brigade (VB), and many other national and international organizations.

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