26th Caravan Update – The Aid is Distributed (with corrected links)

From the People of the the US, Canada, and Mexico to Cuba, With Love

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IFCO/Pastors for Peacea661f0de-96cc-4473-ab37-d33186736ba1.png An Interfaith organization to assist oppressed

peoples in their struggles for justice and self-determination.

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Bus Recipient

bec84134-a021-4755-a7c2-7ef0cfcb9142.jpgReverend Osmani of the Iglesia de Dios Ortodoxa en Santiago de Cuba drove this bus from Havana to the eastern part of Cuba, known as “Oriente”, to serve his community.

The vehicle came all the way from Indiana donated by Scott Cowley in Utah.

Scott went to Cuba for the first time with Pastors for Peace in 2014. It was his first trip to the island.

Scott was impacted greatly by the warmth of the Cuban people and wanted to help alleviate the burden that the blockade has placed on them.

Are you interested in sending a vehicle to Cuba

We are currently accepting applications for vehicles intended for general distribution to the groups most in need of them throughout the island.

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26th Caravan Update

Aid Distribution


The aid from the 26th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba arrived in September and was received by the newly reorganized Ecumenical Distribution Committee in Havana. It has now been distributed to churches, social service, health and education institutions throughout the island.

Please see the report from the distribution committee: Ecumenical Distribution Committee Report
report in Spanish

Here’s the complete list of the aid that was brought down by the Caravan and where in Cuba it was sent (in Spanish).

For next year, we’ve been asked to remember Cuba’s elders, and their needs. Start preparing now for a caravan stop in your community — and hang on to those wheel chairs, etc.

d8cf43e7-76df-4882-b513-66f2e6eddce4.jpg a6910678-3d20-4a24-a12b-004225292d10.jpg

We thank the distribution committee for including us in this process and we thank all of the IFCO/Pastors for Peace supporters throughout the US, Canada, and Mexico for collecting the much needed aid to Cuba.

c3451254-f246-4931-a0da-512c9ad5bf41.jpg 4ffdc3cd-4351-4393-880a-a8a6c0a0580e.jpg

Although our aid is appreciated in Cuba, collecting the aid here in the States is a way our Network can educate people in their communities about the impact of the blockade and travel ban. We know that charity is not the solution, justice is.


We must all remember that the blockade is still in place and continues to burden those on both sides of the Florida Strait. Our aid continues to represent an alternative foreign policy rooted in love, friendship, and solidarity.


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