191 countries demand the end of the Blockade of Cuba — and YOU, too!

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IFCO/Pastors for Peacea661f0de-96cc-4473-ab37-d33186736ba1.png An Interfaith organization to assist oppressed

peoples in their struggles for justice and self-determination.

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The Blockade is not over!
IFCO will keep organizing.
Your support makes it happen!


Support IFCO. Join with us and 191 countries throughout the world to oppose
the US Blockade of Cuba.

Keep the pressure on Pres. Obama and Congress.
Read “Obama, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is — on Cuba”. Find out what Obama could do now — and isn’t.

The United Nations Resolution:
On Tuesday, October 27th, Cuba proposed, for the 24th year, a resolution called for the end of the United States economic, commercial and financial blockade. The 193 member assembly voted, 191 to 2, in support of adopting the resolution.
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United Nations General Assembly during Ambassador Bruno’s speech.

IFCO was there to witness:

We heard the US Representative complain: “We regret therefore that the Government of Cuba has chosen to proceed with its annual resolution. The text falls short of reflecting the significant steps that have been taken and the spirit of engagement President Obama has championed.” read the whole statement

We heard the Cuban Foreign minister give a number of examples of how the Blockade has not only impacted the Cuban people, but also US companies who wish to do business with Cuba. We shouldn’t confuse reality with the desires and expressions of goodwill. Matters such as these can only be judged by actions. Ten months after the announcement of Dec. 17, there hasn’t been any tangible, substantial modification in the application of the blockade.” read the whole statement

The Blockade is still hurting Cuba — US citizens, too.
For example, Monday, Nov 9, the Miami Herald wrote about the effects of the Blockade: legal travel by US citizens to Cuba is being hampered. Banks are wary of legal transfers of funds because of the massive fines which have been levied upon them. Just last month, France’s Crédit Agricole bank paid nearly $800,000 to U.S. state and federal agencies to settle allegations about transactions involving Cuba. Read the story here:

Travelers ‘stuck’ at the Miami airport, with canceled flights, because Blockade-wary banks are hesitant to transfer funds.

Your donation helps IFCO continue organizing. We won’t stop until the Blockade is truly ended!

bHere’s more details about the UN Vote:
This year marked the 24th year that the resolution was taken up for a vote. 191 of the 193 members, the largest majority, voted in favor of Cuba. The three former abstentions turned into votes with the majority by the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, and Palau; as all three nations recently established diplomatic relations with Cuba this year. This important change sent a clear message to the United States government that it is even more isolated from the rest of the world in its policy towards Cuba.

Although the UN General Assembly resolutions are non-binding, this annual vote highlights the United States’ isolation on the issue. Only Israel joined the U.S. in opposing the resolution.

The blockade and the ability to travel are squarely in the hands of the US government. We must officially end this 50 year collective punishment of our friends in Cuba. Let your representatives know!


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