CubaBuzz: Issue 3

In an effort to better inform our supporters about issues related to Cuba we will be producing a weekly digest of articles on news about the Island; its progress, challenges and the ongoing process of normalizing relations with its neighbor to the north. Many of these articles will be very informative and useful for preparing for your meetings with elected officials when the 27th Caravan makes a stop in your city

Please note: The views and opinions expressed in these articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of IFCO/Pastors for Peace.  While we might not agree with all the language in the reports list below, given the rapid rate of change in US-Cuba relations and the increased flow of information about Cuba, we feel it is important to stay informed.
Obama May Meet Zika Head On in Cuba

Gardiner Harris, New York Times

As the White House considers a historic visit by President Obama to Cuba this year, a concern beyond the political and diplomatic hurdles has arisen: the Zika virus.  Learn more…
Cuba Sends US Warhead Back Home 


An inert U.S. Hellfire missile that was erroneously shipped from Europe to Cuba has been returned to its owners in the United States, the Cuban foreign ministry announced Saturday.  Learn more…
 Next Week U.S., Cuba Will Agree To Re-Establish Commercial Air Travel

Laura Wagner, NPR

The U.S. and Cuba will sign a civil aviation agreement in Havana on Tuesday, re-establishing air service between the two countries for the first time in decades, the U.S. Department of Transportation said.  Learn more…

Hit and Hope: Boxing in Cuba
Stephen Doran, Huffington Post

Between 1972 and today Cuba has won 32 Gold medals in boxing and all of this despite boycotting the 1984 and 1988 Olympics. Cuban boxers were in fact reported by the BBC to be the ‘most successful in the history of amateur boxing’.   Learn more…

Sujatha Fernandes, The Nation

Normalization-the decision to restore diplomatic ties with Cuba-was welcomed enthusiastically by policy-makers on both sides of the Florida Straits as the beginning of the end of an archaic isolation strategy with roots in a now-defunct Cold War.  Learn more…

The Guardian

Long known for its cigars and rum, Cuba has added organic honey to its list of key agricultural exports, creating a buzz among farmers as pesticide use has been linked to declining bee populations elsewhere.  Learn more…
The 27th Friendshipment Caravan to Cuba is coming to a city near you.  Here is how you can participate:
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