CubaBuzz: Issue 10

IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 10

U.S. elementary school children head to Cuba for rare visit to classrooms
The Washington Post
The children of Maryland International Day School had been imagining what Cuba would look like, how warm it would be, whether its classrooms would resemble their own.  Learn more…
State Dept. project looks suspiciously like an infiltration plan
Progreso Weekly

Are the State Department and the White House on the same wavelength? Do they coexist in the same government? The same city? The same constellation?  Learn more…
Cuba’s Gay Scene and HIV Education Are Impressing Americans
The Advocate

Phill Wilson – now the out president of the Los Angeles-based Black AIDS Institute -would find himself en route to Havana, not just to soak up Cuban culture, but to see what the U.S. and Cuba could learn from each other in the fight against HIV and homophobia.  Learn more…

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