CubaBuzz: Issue 12

IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 12

Raul Castro Rejects Privatizing Formulas for Cuba
The Nation
Cuban President Raul Castro vowed Saturday never to pursue ‘privatising formulas’ or ‘shock therapy,’ setting the tone for a Communist Party congress convened to review progress in revamping the island’s Soviet-style economy.  Learn more…
5 Things You Might Not Know About the Bay of Pigs Invasion

The Bay of Pigs Invasion, the failed attempt to invade Cuba by a brigade of former Cuban military officers backed by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), launched on April, 17, 1961.

Learn more…

Hands Off Assata Shakur: Angela Davis Calls for Radical Activism to Protect Activist Exiled in Cuba 
Democracy NOW!

I’ve been involved in the campaign to save Assata’s life for all of those decades. And now, of course, as there are new openings with respect to Cuba, we welcome the end of the embargo, the blockade, but at the same time we have to be attentive to what this might mean for Assata.  Learn more…
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