CubaBuzz: Issue 14

IFCO’s CubaBuzz: Issue 14
Historic US Cruise to Cuba Sets Sail from Miami
The first U.S.-to-Cuba cruise in 50 years set sail on Sunday with more than a dozen Cuban-Americans among its 700 passengers, according to Arnold Donald, the general manager of Carnival Cruise Line.  Learn more…
Cuban Doctors to Treat Patients in Brazil for 3 More Years

Brazil is extending for a further three years its “More Doctors” program (Programa Mais Médicos), which has brought thousands of foreign doctors-mostly Cubans-to a country in dire need of medical professionals, a government spokesperson said Friday.  Learn more…
Caribbean neighbors Cuba and Puerto Rico wonder who really won cold war   
The Guardian

Two Caribbean islands are at a crossroads in their relationship with the US. One is plagued by corruption and debt, and dotted with crumbling homes, abandoned by families for the imperial power nearby. The other is Cuba.  Who won the cold war again?  Learn more…
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