The IRS finally makes its threat real And the struggle continues!

50 Years in Struggle
Dear Members of the IFCO Family,
As you all know for over seven years the Internal Revenue Service has threatened to take away IFCO’s tax-exempt status, principally because of the work we’ve done on behalf of the beleaguered people of Palestine and Cuba. The IRS has made numerous outlandish claims against us including the claim that we’ve supported terrorism for working to bring medical supplies to the people of Gaza. They’ve also questioned our right to support diverse expressions of community organizing. 
And indeed, the day we returned from the holiday break – the first working day of 2017 – we received notice that the IRS has followed through with its threat to revoke IFCO’s tax-exempt status for our work – which also includes support for groups working for the rights of political prisoners; young people dedicated to transforming neglected urban landscapes into dynamic safe spaces benefiting impoverished communities; and those organizing for a single payer health care system
We at IFCO are no strangers to government repression and understand that this is what happens when you speak truth to power as we have since our inception. But we also understand that this doesn’t mean you keep silent at moments like this. In fact, our history teaches us that this is when we keep moving forward….and that is exactly what we intend to do.
The IRS’ outrageous claims cannot erase IFCO’s rich and powerful history. In fact, we’ll be celebrating IFCO’s milestones throughout 2017. And there is a lot to celebrate.
This new year – 2017 – marks IFCO’s 50th anniversary! Fifty years of work with diverse projects and programs geared toward supporting meaningful, progressive social change. Throughout this year we’ll be highlighting the work that IFCO has helped make happen. From our work supporting the call for reparations for decades of racial terrorism; to progressive political and economic reform; to the formation of projects combating racism and pushing for the eradication of the brutal US blockade against Cuba – IFCO has been on the front lines. And with your help we’re committed to remaining there side by side in our fight against injustice.
Be sure to check out our new logo and throughout the year keep on the lookout for posts about the work we have pioneered over the past 50 years.
For now, we’re in the process of re-applying for our tax-exempt status and look forward to continuing to support innovative grassroots organizing as we have since our inception in 1967.
This new year will undoubtedly prove to be a challenging time for all of us and for the important work to which we are all committed and engaged.
In the words of Poet Maya Angelou:
You may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.
We at IFCO are not down and out. We stand ready to continue to work with all of you as we move ahead in our collective effort to build a better world.
On behalf of the IFCO Staff and Board of Directors,
Gail Walker
Executive Director, IFCO
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