IFCO Participates in Global Cuba Solidarity Meeting

U.S. activist Gail Walker considered it important to support Cuba at the AntiImperialist Meeting of Solidarity, for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, when Cuba is currently under increasing attack from the U.S. government.
Watch Gail Walker and various Latin American leaders speak to the conference here:
Walker, Executive Director of the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization-Pastors for Peace, participated with other Americans in the event that took place in Havana from November 1 to 3, with the presence of social movements and progressive forces from around the world. “We know that Cuba is under attack by Donald Trump’s administration, and we believe it is very significant to express our solidarity with him and meet with other members of the island’s community of friends around the world,” Walker told Prensa Latina.
The meeting, which addressed the new challenges of the left in the face of the growing hostility of imperialism, included the participation of more than a thousand delegates from social movements, political parties and figures, and personalities from the intellectual and academic world.
Adapted from Prensa Latina article, 10/30/19
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