Victory! IFCO has our 501c(3) back!


After a 10-year historic struggle against unprecedented IRS harassment,

we’ve won!!!

The IRS finally conceded and

reinstated our 501c(3) non-profit status!!

We want to thank ALL of you who helped make this IFCO victory possible!  Our friends who continued to support our work financially even when they didn’t have the benefit of making their gifts tax-exempt, and our partners at the Alliance for Global Justice who stepped in to support us and all of our fiscally sponsored projects. We thank those who provided legal expertise and those who exercised the power of prayer. Thank you all!!


In the words of our attorney, this reinstatement is a clear vindication of IFCO’s principled stand to serve as a fiscal sponsor of the Viva Palestina project that provided desperately needed medical aid for the beleaguered people of Gaza.
The IRS’s concession absolves our righteous decision to stand in solidarity with the people of Cuba and to engage in prayerful civil disobedience of the US government’s unjust and criminal blockade of the island nation.
This ruling justifies our steadfast commitment to defend the rights of the disenfranchised, the wrongly imprisoned, and the victims of police brutality.
In the last 10 years, we’ve never let the powers-that-be stop our life-giving work:
           –Challenging (and winning!) the immoral US blockade of Cuba and unconstitutional US travel restrictions with our solidarity caravans and delegations;
           –Supporting the work of sister progressive organizations from Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees to South Bronx Unite; from the Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Coalition to the Campaign to End Sanctions
–Administering the US/ELAM scholarship program that has graduated nearly 200 US doctors who are now working in underserved communities across the US! (Help us spread the word about this wonderful opportunity!) []
Ever since 1967 IFCO has been saying “NO” to injustice. Ever since 1967 IFCO has been attacking and exposing the systems which cause racism, hunger and suffering – both in the US and throughout the world.
How can we “keep on keeping on?” The answer is easy. YOU!
Your support, your words of encouragement, your gifts allow us:
·        To keep sending young people to study medicine in Cuba, mentor them during their seven years of study and after they return home to practice in under-served communities.
·        To keep organizing Caravans to Cuba (we’ve already begun the work for next spring’s Caravan – 10 routes in 50 cities around the US. And travel to Cuba next summer!)
·        To organize delegations to travel throughout the year – to have deep discussions and insightful visits to learn about specific areas of Cuban life and culture: healthcare, education, religion, farming, incarceration, and the justice system – and more.
·        To work with others to organize against US-sponsored sanctions – a form of warfare designed to harm children, the sick, the aging, warfare waged against the most vulnerable people in a country.

Help us celebrate this victory by making a generous CELEBRATION donation today!

(and it’s now TAX-DEDUCTIBLE!!)
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