2020 Cuba Delegations

ALL DELEGATIONS ARE ON HOLD DUE TO COVID PANDEMIC RESPONSE. Please contact our office for more details.

Come to Cuba with IFCO & visit long-time friends!
Download the 2020 Delegation Flyer or contact us at 212-926-5757 x 1 or ifco@ifconews.org for an application.

IFCO/Pastors for Peace has been organizing trips to Cuba ever since our first USCuba Friendshipment Caravan in 1992. Over the years we’ve made many friends: within the religious community, at ecumenical Centers such as the Martin Luther King Center, within the fields of medicine, education and arts, and within the various governmental, non-governmental and community-based institutions of Cuban society working together
to make a better world possible.

Race and Gender in Cuba Jan 31-Feb 7: Come explore with us the complicated lives of Cuban people, facing issues that are alike – and different – from our own in the US. Hear from a variety of people in a variety of circumstances; share in deep discussions about how race and gender discrimination affects their everyday lives. Learn more about the ordinary lives of Cuban women of color, of the many varieties of
religious and social settings, of their families, and more.

Social Justice, Human Rights and Incarceration In Cuba, April 6-16, 2020: How does Cuba deal with crime and breaking the law? What is their approach to prevention and social justice? How does Cuban Criminal Law work? How does Cuba deal with minors who commit crimes? What happens when formerly incarcerated people return to society? Join us for an in-depth look at how Cuba’s ever evolving Justice System and the struggle to make it work for all its peoples. Talk to formerly incarcerated people, including those who have experienced both the US and Cuban penal system. And much more….

Art and Culture, April 7-17, 2020: Cuba is known for art, music and dance. Come with us to meet and talk with artists of all kinds, see how the educational system produces artists of the future, how all levels of art and culture are available to all people. How are the Cuban cultural roots in Africa reflected in the art today?

July 2020 Delegation to Latin American School of Medicine:
Join us as we travel in July to celebrate this year’s graduating class at ELAM, the Latin American School of Medicine. Many of the delegates will be proud parents and friends, but ‘friends of friends’ are also invited. Besides a close-up look at the School and the students, we’ll get an overview of Cuba’s medical system and how it works! Get to know these young people, who have spent seven years in Cuba and are now poised to come home and start healing the people – and the medical system – in the US!

Some important details:
Often delegates will stay at the Martin Luther King Center in the Mariañao. Just 10 minutes from the heart of Havana, this working class neighborhood gives you a taste of the ‘real’ Cuba, not the ‘tourist’. Accommodations are comfortable with double occupancy and private bath. We also arrange for accommodations at affordable hotels. Double occupancy, (or single occupancy at the additional cost of $400 per person.)
All delegations include visa, guide, translation, transportation, meals and accommodation. Price does not include US/Cuba airfare. Trip costs typically range between $2000 and $2800 per person, depending on specific details. More information is available for each delegation.
We can also arrange custom tours for a group of 10 people or more. Choose the date and the itinerary that suits your needs – let us know. We can make your vision a reality!

Fall 2020, Africa in Cuba:
Join us to explore the various ways that Africa has influenced Cuba. We’ll learn more about the music and dance which has so impacted world music. How was slavery in Cuba similar and/or different than in other settings? Explore the theologically complex “Cuban Religions-of-African-Origin”. How do Cubans grapple with race, class and gender issues, inherited from their colonial past. How Cuban soldiers fought in Angola against South African based apartheid. How Cuba doctors and others repay their debt to Africa with their international work.

Religion in Cuba:
Learn how the diverse religious expressions in Cuba are a vibrant part of the lives of the deeply spiritual people of Cuba. Visit with faith leaders and ordinary folks representing various Christian denominations, Jewish and Islamic faiths and the leaders and practitioners of the Cuban Religions-of-African Origin. Delegates will meet with the Cuban Council of Churches, the theological seminary in Matanzas, Cuba and more. How do the religious communities interact with the government and secular culture. How are pastors and lay-leaders trained? What are the challenges and opportunities facing the Cuban religious communities today?

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