26th Caravan to Cuba: Caravan Resources

Get on the Little Yellow School Bus to Break the Blockade!

The Blockade and Travel Ban Have Not Been Lifted yet.  However this year the 114th Congress has introduced the Freedom to Trade with Cuba Act of 2015 in the Senate and the Freedom to Travel to Cuba Act of 2015 in the House and Senate.  We are very close to finally accomplishing what our Cuban brothers and sisters have been asking us to work towards all of these years! Making this summer’s caravan one of the most important ever!

The 26th Caravan Begins June 29!

We’ll be stopping in cities all across the US and Canada to challenge the blockade but more importantly to show US elected officials that Cuba has many allies in the US — and abroad — that want to see normalized relations with our neighbors.

Celebrating Community Organizing!

This year our theme is community organizing and who better to teach us about effective community organizing than our Cuban friends? During this caravan we will be meeting with people running senior centers and children’s programs, operating cooperatives, and pastoring Cuban churches who despite the limitations created by the blockade, have still been able to serve their community.

We are ready to organize!

Here is how you can participate:

  • Join the 26th Caravan to Cuba. Applications are ready!
  • Host the caravan in your community.
  • Sponsor a vehicle.
  • Send material aid to Cuba.

All of the resources you need to organize a caravan event or a pre-caravan event, send aid or a vehicle to Cuba, or promote IFCO/Pastors for Peace and the ELAM Scholarship program are below. Some of these resources can also be distributed in your community anytime to promote the caravan and/or the ELAM Scholarship program.

Are you in? Contact us at friendshipmentcaravan@ifconews.org

Resources for Events Resources for Aid Resources for Vehicles
Event Guide Material Aid Guide Vehicle Guide
Event Form Third Party Aid Application Form Vehicle Instructions
Fundraising Guide General Aid Labels Vehicle Application
Media Guide Third Party Aid Labels
Publicizing Guide  Electronic Manifest Template
Resources for Hosts Resources to Promote Caravan & IFCO/Pastors for Peace General Info
Intro to Being a Host Caravan Flier What is a Caravan?
Host Letter (coming soon) IFCO Brochure Que es una caravan?
ELAM Medical School Scholarship Brochure Why we Challenge?(coming soon)
Caravan Flier 2015 (You can edit this flier to include your event details) Porque rehusamos una licencia para llevar ayuda a Cuba (próximamente)Super Caravan History
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