Information on the 26th Friendshipment Caravan

The blockade and travel ban have not been lifted but we are very close to finally accomplishing what our Cuban brothers and sisters have been asking us to work towards all of these years! Making this summer’s caravan one of the most important ever!

The 26th Caravan Begins June 29!

We’ll be stopping in cities all across the US and Canada to challenge the blockade but more importantly to show US elected officials that Cuba has many allies in the US — and abroad — that want to see normalized relations with our neighbors.

Celebrating Community Organizing!

This year our theme is community organizing and who better to teach us about effective community organizing than our Cuban friends? During this caravan we will be meeting with people running senior centers and children’s programs, operating cooperatives, and pastoring Cuban churches who despite the limitations created by the blockade, have still been able to serve their community.

Caravan Schedule:   

Please note: the schedule can change slightly between now and the start of the caravan.
We will notify you of any changes.  Consult with us before purchasing any tickets.
June 29-July 12 —-Caravan week (driving down different routes throughout the US (optional)
July 12-15 ————-Orientation in McAllen, Texas (mandatory for all who are planning on traveling to Cuba)
July 16 ——————Cross border into Reynosa, MX and fly to Mexico City
July 17 ——————Travel to Cuba
July 17-28 ————-Program in Cuba
July 28 ——————Return to Mexico, DF
July 29 ——————Fly from Mexico City to Reynosa, MX and cross border back into US for Reverse Challenge
July 30 ——————Caravanistas go home (you make your own arrangements back or if available, hop on a caravan bus returning to or near your home/destination.  Check with our office to find out if a bus will be traveling back to or near your home city)

Here is How You Can Participate:

  • Host the caravan in your community.
  • Join the 26th Caravan to Cuba by emailing us at
  • Contact your members of Congress and ask them to support lifting the blockade and travel ban against Cuba!

See you this summer!

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