Fiscal Sponsorship


Since 1967, the Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO) has assisted hundreds of community organizations and public policy groups –by providing technical assistance, training organizers, making and administering grants, and using our global network of grassroots organizers, clergy, and other professionals to advance the struggles of oppressed people for justice and self-determination.

IFCO’s mission is to support the poor and disenfranchised in developing and sustaining community organizations to fight human and civil rights injustices. In pursuit of this mission, IFCO promotes, funds and coordinates domestic and international community development efforts -programs designed to improve people’s own communities.

The first national foundation controlled by people of color, IFCO has acted as a bridge between predominantly mainline churches and community groups conceived of and run by people of color; as a broker for the channeling of interdenominational support; and as a resource bank supporting the work of congregations and organizations engaged in the work of community-building. IFCO has acted as a monitor, supporting self-determination by the poor, the hungry, and the exploited and insuring that their needs are not sacrificed for the priorities of the privileged in American society. IFCO has acted as a catalyst and a conscience in the movement for social justice.

One of the many services that IFCO provides is fiscal sponsorship of grassroots projects that do not have their own tax-exempt status. That is they are not registered as 501©3 organizations with the Internal Revenue Service.  IFCO partners with projects that do work which is consistent both with IFCO’s progressive mission to support community empowerment and with our 501©(3) status.  As a fiscal sponsor IFCO agrees to receive grants and donations which are to be used by the sponsored project to advance its work.

For more info on the services IFCO provides to projects seeking 501 c(3) fiscal sponsorship, please email the office at