IFCO has supported the following social justice projects:

BOOKMOBILE PROJECT — A librarian from California directs a project that does outreach to other librarians.  In 2007-8, they raised funds to purchase a mobile library for Granma Province in Cuba, which was delivered with the 19th US/Cuba Friendshipment Caravan.  They are currently raising funds for a project to collect young adult books for a library in Old Havana.

ALLIANCE OF FAMILIES FOR JUSTICE — This project works to support families of incarcerated people and people with criminal records, empower them as advocates and enable them to marshal their voting power to achieve systemic change.

COMMUNITY VISION COUNCIL — A coalition organized to address food-related health conditions that disproportionately affect communities of color; to include people of color and the farmers and growers of the African Diaspora in the food system movement; and to engage in a “grassroots healthy living campaign.”  They established a farmers’ market in Bushwick. Brooklyn, have participated in numerous conferences on food and farming, and are organizing educational workshops and collaborative events on the theme of “Home Grown — Sustainable Roots.”  “While new and trendy terms such as “organic,” “locally grown,” and “permaculture” are now used, we are looking to our roots for the great ancestral lessons of the late Dr George Washington Carver, an agricultural genius.  We are growing GREEN solutions.”

FAMILY AND FRIENDS OF DR. MUTULU SHAKUR — A fund to win justice and support the release of this political prisoner.

FREE MUMIA ABU-JAMAL COALITION — The New York area local coalition which is part of a national network involved in educational work and organizing in support of justice and freedom for this journalist and political prisoner who remains on death row in Pennsylvania.  The Coalition also had a project to name a New York City street for Mumia.

HAITIAN WOMEN FOR HAITIAN REFUGEES  Operates a community center in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn, which provides training in literacy, computer skills, GED training, and English as a second language.  The center also provides legal, medical, educational, employment, and immigration advocacy for Haitian refugees.  Haitian Women for Haitian Refugees was identified by the Robin Hood Foundation and World Vision as a means of making emergency funds available to undocumented Haitian and African immigrants who were suffering economically and/or emotionally in the wake of September 11.  HWHR has continued to visit Haiti and explore possibilities for delivering medical aid, particularly in the wake of recent hurricanes and floods.  The project has also focused recently on the rights of undocumented workers in New York City and in the US.

HEALTH CARE — NOW! —Congrats to HCN! for getting their own tax-exempt status! HCN is a national campaign, founded and directed by Marilyn Clement until her passing, which has taken national leadership in organizing for universal single-payer health care coverage in the US, and for support of HR676.

JERICHO AMNESTY MOVEMENT — Since the national march on Washington which Jericho organized in March 1998, this project has continued its educational and organizing work for amnesty and freedom for all US political prisoners.  Some of its fundraising efforts have been dedicated to the sad task of raising funds for funeral expenses of Black Panther activists who died in prison.

JULY 26TH COALITION — A coalition of Cuba solidarity organizations in New York City that organizes an annual event to celebrate the 26th of July, a key date in the history of the Cuban revolution.

KONGO — A project to teach aspects of Haitian culture, especially music and dance, to youth in Brooklyn.

Eritye Papa Desalin (Heirs of Father Dessalines) – A grassroots NY based Haitian community media organization that seeks to educate the Haitian community about the work and legacy of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the founder of the Haitian nation. EPD also  connects members of the Haitian community to social justice movements through alternative news broadcasting, dialogue, and activist initiatives. EPD can be reached at

NEW HARLEM RENAISSANCE WORK GROUP — This project works to focus attention on the preservation of cultural icons, individuals, groups, historic sites and events that are indigenous to the Harlem community. The group has highlighted the rich and vital legacy evoked by such historical figures as Zora Neale Hurston, Duke Ellington, Josephine Baker, Langston Hughes, Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Dr. Barbara Ann Teer and so many others. Their work underscores Harlem’s rich political and cultural legacy.

NEW YORK SOLIDARITY WITH VIEQUES — This organization works to support the efforts of environmentalists and activists in Vieques, Puerto Rico. The project is committed to protecting the health of the people who are exposed to toxic chemicals used at the US Naval Training Range located on the island as well as their surrounding environment. The group’s efforts include work to urge the US Department of the Interior to remove all leftover munitions and contaminated debris from site of the former US Navy bombing range.

NEW YORK 2 X COALITION (NY2X)—The New York 2 X Coalition (NY2X) is a youth-led, consensus-based organization made to create a network of young people who are interested in organizing and mobilizing across New York City. NY2X works in solidarity with those most affected by the social, racial, and economic inequalities in both New York, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Albuquerque. Through this, the youth breaks down barriers and works together to combat racism and classism and move towards an egalitarian society.

OCTOBER 22 NATIONAL DAY OF PROTEST AGAINST POLICE BRUTALITY, REPRESSION, AND THE CRIMINALIZATION OF A GENERATION — A coalition of political and community organizations and families of victims, who have conducted a joint educational campaign against police brutality.  The coalition produces newsletters, flyers and buttons, and public service announcements which are broadcast nationally on Black Entertainment Television (BET).  The coalition has been organizing national days of coordinated local demonstrations and educational events since 1996.  Their “Stolen Lives” project documents the stories of victims of police brutality for publication in book form. [IFCO has also served as fiscal sponsor for local chapters of the October 22 Coalition in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.]

PEOPLE’S ENVIRONMENTAL CENTER (PEC) — This project has established a center for environmental testing in New Orleans where local residents can bring soil and water samples to find out if they are contaminated with toxins.  PEC is also engaging in several environmental remediation projects, one of which involves the planting of sunflowers.  They have received  grant support from the Mitsubishi Foundation and the City of New Orleans Recovery Commission.

POPULAR EDUCATION PROJECT — A NYC-based mobilization to secure justice for the five Cuban prisoners unjustly incarcerated in US federal prisons.  Their campaign organizes film screenings, pickets, and informational meetings; they do outreach to schools, churches, union halls, and community groups.

PRO-LIBERTAD — This project organizes and distributes literature to promote the Puerto Rican independence movement and freedom for political prisoners.  They also worked actively for an end to the US Navy bombing of Vieques.

SAFIYAH BUKHARI/ALBERT NUH FOUNDATION — A Harlem-based project to support the families, the legal struggles, and the health of US political prisoners and political exiles.  The project organizes many cultural events and forums in Harlem.

UTOPIAN MAGAZINE — A project to create a journal of anarchist thought.

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