IFCO Fights Back Against Right Wing Attack!

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For more than four years, IFCO, a faith-based, social justice agency, has been the victim of political persecution and an aggressive harassment campaign by the IRS.  Now they are attempting to strip us of our tax-exempt, non-profit organization status — 501(c)(3). Imagine, the first national foundation controlled by people of color in the United States, now being denied tax-exempt status by the US government.  Click below to read the 2 part IRS report.  

We have responded to this attack with a well-crafted Appeals written by our legal advisors to protest the IRS’ recommendation to revoke our tax-exempt status. Read the first appeal.   Version en español.


Ironically, despite recent governmental efforts to move toward normalizing relations with Cuba, one part of the executive branch of the US government, the IRS, now wants to punish us for advocating the same policies that the President and State Department are carrying out.

Even though OFAC  — the Office of Foreign Assets Control (the government entity that enforces the blockade of Cuba) has never persecuted us because of our work to send humanitarian aid to Cuba with a license, the IRS is now attempting to shut us down . For the past twenty-three years we have stood firm in our faith and our conviction as we have organized our US-Cuba Friendshipment caravans. It is our faith which calls us to offer “a cup of cold water” (Matthew 25:35) to our brothers and sisters suffering as a result of US policies. This is an attack on people of faith and conscience and IFCO is standing firm and fighting back, as we have done for nearly half a century.

IRS Appeals is now making a last ditch effort to strip IFCO of its 501c3 status but we are not giving up without a fight. Our religiously-based convictions demand that we continue to work to support the poor and the disenfranchised. We proudly stand by IFCO’s rich history of working to defend civil and human rights. As we wage this battle we are counting on your support and participation in this vital campaign to defend ourselves and those that we support, against this brutal IRS attack.

We want to share more details with you about this latest attack on religious and political liberties.

Please click here for additional background information.  Version en español aqui.

Check out our latest update to see how you can help stop this right wing attack on IFCO.

Dawn Goldberg Response to IFCO Appeal-March 2015

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